Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ) landed on snow . Chilkat RiverAlaska USA.

Where to See Bald Eagles in PA

Seeing a bald eagle in the wild is an experience like no other. These majestic creatures with their giant talons and amazing nests are quite a sight to behold. If you’re wondering where to see bald eagles in PA, the Pocono Mountains is a fantastic place to start. With large trees and open water, both of which a bald eagle needs to survive, it is no surprise the Pocono Mountains is a great viewing location. On your next winter getaway, let us help you find bald eagles in PA with our Eagle Watch Package.

If you’re wondering where to see bald eagles in PA, our Delaware Highlands Vacation Guide is a great place to start. In addition to outdoor recreation, this free guide is filled with suggestions on what you need to see and do while visiting. The guide is easy to receive and shows up in your inbox!

Here are a Few Suggestions on Where to See Bald Eagles in PA

If it is your first time on a bald eagle excursion, you might not know where to look. Each year we offer guests our Eagle Watch Package. This package is usually offered in January and is perfect for first-time watchers. An educated guide from the Delaware Highlands Institute visits for the evening and informs guests on how to have a successful watch. In addition to the information, breakfast is included as well as two tickets for the eagle watch bus tour. Shohola is home to an observation tower along the Willis Hill Trail making it the ideal spot for an eagle sighting.

The Settlers Inn borders the Lackawaxen River. Here, you can see eagles herd on the ice and watch them fish. Eagles can actually be seen all over Hawley. They tend to be attracted to large bodies of water. If you’re still on the hunt for Bald Eagles in PA, check out the Upper Delaware River and Promised Land State Park. Both areas are home to wintering eagles and eagles that migrate to the region to be near the open water.

Tips for a Successful Viewing

Before you head out to find bald eagles in PA make sure to remember these helpful tips!

  • Bring binoculars! It is recommended to stay at least 330 feet away from the eagles during viewing. Binoculars are recommended instead of inching closer.
  • Avoid making loud noises. Try to stay as quiet as possible. Avoid yelling, slamming doors or honking the horn. Pets should be left at home to avoid barking.
  • Stay in your car when viewing. You will not want to frighten the eagles or try to make them fly.

The Winter Season is a Beautiful Time of Year to Visit the Pocono Mountains!

On your next getaway to Hawley, let us host you here at The Settlers Inn. During the winter season, we invite you to have drinks by the crackling fire or simply enjoy the seasonal fireplace in your spacious guest room. There’s no need to leave for dinner since we have our very own award-winning restaurant right on the property. When booking your reservation, be sure to ask us about our many winter packages. In addition to the Eagle Watch Package, we also offer winter visitors the Foodies Special, our Stay and Ski Package, and our upcoming Valentines Day Special.

Take a little time away this winter season. We look forward to being your home away from home!