Christmas Tree Farm

Secrets to The Settlers Inn Holiday Decor

To help us deck the halls and achieve the look that is synonymous with the holiday season at The Settlers Inn, we look to our neighbors and fellow small business owners. Adams Christmas in Honesdale is our go-to source for fresh evergreens. The quintessential small-town Christmas tree lot boasts plenty of charm and a personal touch that is in short supply these days.

Branching Out

holiday decor with tree

Jean and Adam Barziloski began selling Christmas Trees from the quaint barn overlooking Route 6 at Willow Avenue five years ago. The Settlers Inn was among their first customers, and we’ve returned every season since. “Adams does such a great job,” explains founder Jeanne Genzlinger. “The materials are fresh, and they work hard to have an attractive appearance. It is such a charming place and feels festive for the season.” The tree lot does resemble something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Strings of lights criss-cross overhead. An oversized message written in evergreen boughs on the barn encourages passersby  to “Believe.” According to Adam, the Christmas spirit infuses every aspect of the business. “We’re really passionate about this time of year and providing a positive experience to our customers. Not only do we sell the absolute best product, but we try to put forth a happy, welcoming environment,” says Adam.

Family Roots

All the trees at the lot are grown in nearby Wyoming County on a family farm owned by Adam’s parents. “Many of the trees I helped plant. Now I am one of my parents’ largest buyers of Christmas Trees, so it’s really come full circle,” explains Adam. Visitors to the Christmas Tree lot can choose from a variety of trees. Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir rank as the most popular. Blue Spruce and Concolor Fir are also options. Concolor Fir has a very distinct citrus smell as well as needles that are very long, wide and soft. In addition to trees, Adams also makes and sells its own wreaths, centerpieces and arrangements. The shop features holiday décor including some items made by local artists. A heated space hosts workshops throughout the season on making centerpieces, wreaths and kissing balls. On select dates visitors can also take free photos with Santa and meet some of his reindeer.

kids with a pine tree christmas

Standing Tall

Adams Christmas usually closes around December 22, when everything is gone. The lot typically sells about 1,000 trees each year. Each is fresh cut. In fact, Adam notes the trees are cut within the same week of purchase and the lot usually receives two loads of trees per week. To keep your tree green and healthy throughout the holiday season, Adam recommends the tree has a fresh cut and goes right into a stand with water. “After 10 hours sap will seep out and seal the bottom of the tree, which will not allow water to get in, and in turn make your tree dry and cause needles to drop,” explains Adam. After visitors choose their tree, the staff wraps it for transport and secures it to the roof of the customer’s car.

Shining Star

Settlers Hospitality usually purchases between eight-10 trees per year from Adams Christmas. “We like trees with soft needles such as the White and Concolor Firs,” says Jeanne. “They last longer and are easier to decorate because the needles don’t bite. Plus, they have a lovely scent. For arrangements I like to use long-needled Pine like Scotch and White Pine, then add cedar and holly.” Full garland that has an array of greens in the roping is used outdoors. Princess Pine garland from House of Flowers in Forest City is draped throughout the interior. “It has a long shelf life and looks so pretty.

firelplace at christmas

It is the old fashioned ‘deck the halls’ garland,” says Jeanne. Adam takes a lot of satisfaction from seeing his trees and wreaths decorate the properties of Settlers Hospitality. “The décor is always spot on, so inviting and just classic. I love to see the way the trees are dressed to the nines. It’s so impressive and we’re honored to be part of that over the holidays,” says Adam.

Plan a holiday getaway to see The Settlers Inn decked out for the holiday season. Stay overnight or join us for a festive weekend brunch or elegant dinner. Check out our specials for dining and lodging packages. Watch for beloved annual events that celebrate the seasons such as Candlelight Christmas and Winterfest Brunch.