What is the Key to Perfectly Roasted Coffee Every Time?


What goes into brewing the perfect cup of roasted coffee every time?  Whether you take your coffee with cream and sugar or black, perfectly roasted coffee beans make all the difference in the world.  Here in the Pocono Mountains, there are quite a few places to stop in and warm up with a cup of coffee.  Find out how these special places brew the perfect cup every time.

Starting off with the best coffee bean is where a simple cup of coffee all begins.  Scranton, Pennsylvania is home to Electric City Coffee Roasters.  Their dedication to excellence begins with their direct trade relationship with sustainable partner farms.  Each of these farms has been placed in the top 10 at COE or Cup of Excellence.  At their state of the art facility, Electric City Roasters has a team of expert cuppers and roasters that taste and inspect every roast to ensure its perfection.  To ensure the perfect cup of java, their lab is where their experts develop new blends, hold classes, and strive to perfect the science behind creating an incredible coffee experience.  Classes held at the lab  include both Brewing Basics and an Introduction to Coffee Tasting and Sensory Analysis.  Electric City Coffee Roasters can be found in the Keystone Industrial Park.  Be sure to pick up some of their specialty blends: Columbia Regional Tribute, Auromar Geisha, Seasonal Winterfest, and Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh.

At the historic Hawley Silk Mill you must stop by Cocoon Coffee House.  Cocoon proudly serves Electric City Roasters coffee.  Pair your coffee with a homemade breakfast pastry, pull up a chair in their cozy environment and relax.  In addition to coffee, they also serve espresso, cappuccino, and lattes.  Mill Market is also located in Hawley Silk Mill.  In addition to selling local organic foods like seasonal organic produce, locally made cheeses, and fresh baked bread, you can also purchase locally blended coffee in bulk.

If you find yourself down by the lake and can’t make it into town, you will soon be able to enjoy Cocoon Coffee at the Grand Opening of The Silver Birches Resort, on May 20th.  The Silver Birches Resort, formerly Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort, will open their beautiful new location on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The resort will feature a waterfront banquet area, a restaurant and bar known as The Dock, The Inn, Lakeside and Cottages, and the Motel.

Both The Settlers Inn and sister property Ledges Hotel both offer locally roasted Electric City Roasters coffee.  Wake up each morning with a hot cup of coffee or pair it with an item from our breakfast or brunch menu.  A perfectly roasted cup of coffee makes the ideal accompaniment.

We would love to have you stay with us here at The Settlers Inn on your next getaway to the Pocono Mountains.  We have quite a few specials that include a full breakfast in the morning.  For assistance booking your reservation, please give us a call at 570-226-2993.  We’ll make sure to have your coffee hot, ready and waiting.