a stone house with blue skies

Looking for Things to do in Milford PA?

Milford PA is a small gem in the Pocono Mountains that has gained increased notoriety throughout the last 10 years. The Urban Titan listed Milford in its list of Top 10 U.S. Small Towns. Atlantic Magazine called Milford “the prettiest county seat in America.” The Wall Street Journal declared Milford PA “a spot filled with natural beauty,” but our guess is you knew that already! That’s why you’re looking for things to do in this historic small town. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our Pocono bed and breakfast is just 25 miles down the road from Milford PA, and we are big advocates of this great American village. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Milford PA.

a stone house with blue skies

Enjoy the Scenic Waterfalls

Milford PA is the site of a beautiful network of waterfalls called a fluviarchy. The most popular waterfall in Milford is Raymondskill Falls. It is known for its picturesque beauty and accessibility. The hiking trails are quiet and offer spectacular views of the falls.

Stroll through the Milford PA Historic District

Milford PA is listed on the national Register of Historic Places for its unique and beautiful architecture. The village is full of handsome Victorian buildings complete with authentic bell towers and steeples. Stroll through the Milford Historic District to view these impressive buildings from the street, and then climb to the top of the “Knob” to see the amazing layout of the town from above. The Knob is a 400-foot bluff at the end of the town’s main thoroughfare that offers breathtaking views of the tree-lined streets, buildings and the bordering Delaware River.

Visit Grey Towers National Historic Site

Grey Towers is the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the U.S. Forest Service and two-time Governor of Pennsylvania. The Pinchot family was monumental in shaping the conservation movement in America, and Grey Towers is the unique and beautiful home of the influential family. Grey Towers National Historic Site is a favorite attraction in Milford PA.

Learn at the Columns Museum

The Columns Museum features a wide-variety of historic Civil War artifacts, memorabilia, period clothing and more. The museum’s most prized holding is “the Lincoln Flag,” a bloodied American flag that is from Ford’s Theatre the night of President Lincoln’s assassination. The flag was used to support President Lincoln’s head. It was taken from the theatre that night and passed down through generations to a Milford PA resident who then donated the flag to the Pike County Historical Society in 1954.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Milford PA and these are just some of our favorites. There are even fun things to do in-between Milford and Hawley PA! For the outdoorsman, we definitely recommend a stop at Alice’s Wonderland, an adventure outfitter supplying clothing and accessories for all of your local outdoor adventures. You can also stop at the Roebling Bridge and Zane Grey Museum in Lackawaxen on your way back to Hawley from Milford PA. After your excursion, we’ll be waiting to welcome you back to the comfort of The Settlers Inn.

Photo courtesy of Kristine Paulus.