The Lackwaxen River at The Settlers Inn

Lackawaxen River: A Private View at The Settlers Inn

It’s hard to imagine as one stands along the shady shores of the Lackawaxen River at The Settlers Inn that this tranquil waterway was once a bustling canal used to transport anthracite coal and other goods from the high-pitched mountains of Pennsylvania to the bustling streets of New York City! It’s true! Once anthracite was introduced to the ever growing energy hot-spot of NYC, the race was on! During the turn of the 18th century, long before railroads became the primary and most efficient method of cross-country transport, rivers, lakes, and their tributaries were used as commerce highways to transport raw materials worldwide. Thus, the Lackawaxen River was deepened and dredged, making it possible for large barges and ships to freely traverse the Delaware and Hudson River valleys and finally end up in the Atlantic Ocean.

While this history adds depth, understanding, and great appreciation for this part of the country and more specifically, The Settlers Inn’s six acres of refuge in Hawley, the Lackawaxen no longer carries the large, load-bearing ships of yore to parts unknown. Now, the Lackawaxen River is simply a beautiful, healthy, and clean tributary of the larger Delaware River and it is full of both Brown and Rainbow Trout, making it a perfect location for fly fishing, along with canoeing, bird watching, and simply relaxing.

While enjoying your stay with us at The Settlers Inn, why not take full advantage of our riverfront location and relax around a cozy campfire built riverside? One can toast marshmallows in style while sipping fine wine and meeting new friends under the the stars and our canopy of dense deciduous forest. The evenings here are cool in the summertime, making such pastimes enjoyable in the warmer months as well as during our colorful autumn and crisp spring evenings.

Of course, the constant, quiet sound of moving water is the most relaxing and ambient form of white noise known to man. Take advantage of the breathtaking view of the Lackawaxen River and the tranquil sounds of nature while meditating and seeking refuge from the world during our Saturday morning Yoga class in our secluded meditation spot along the river. Your mind and your spirit will reconnect as you feel the pressure and stress of everyday life slowly fade and disappear. It’s amazing how a few days of purposely being kind to yourself will enable you to once again smoothly and successfully fulfill your regular responsibilities with fervor and determination.

Let us pamper you here at The Settlers Inn. Our Lackawaxen River-front location is the perfect spot to retreat from the world while living in style and enjoying sumptuous service, scenery, and sustenance. Our Select Registry membership ensures that our guests receive the highest quality in hospitality at our charming and historic bed and breakfast. Make your reservations today and see for yourself how The Settlers Inn provides a very private and breathtaking view of the Lackawaxen River and everything else that is good in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains.